Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Entry 10: Autistic Young Man Gets A Sleeping Judge

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June. 18. 2014

I just watched a short video about the trial of this 18 year old guy with High Functioning Autism/Asperger’s', who was denied of any kind of help in school; due to the fact that he is intelligent and “academically capable.” The school district denied him of any support because he only has, as they called it, "medical autism" but not "educational autism.”

So, because of this, the guy never actually finished school due to being misunderstood and bullied by both teachers and peers. Instead, he developed severe anxiety and depression, to the point of intermittent hospitalizations. It was to the point where he was unable to finish school! This story really hits home for me, so it makes my blood boil.

Get this: When his family and friends tried to bring a lawsuit against the School District, the Judge basically fell asleep in court. However, the school district lawyers are denying that it happened; despite it being caught on tape! Even the Judge himself refuses to halt the trial. I guess this is how much the “non-progressives” care about autistic people/indigo kids actually receiving justice. This case exposes their general incompetence.

This is also a maddeningly truthful example of how badly these systems silently bully people who are hypersensitive, progressive thinking and/or different. This includes people on the autistic spectrum especially, but also those who've been given the "ADD/ADHD" labels, or who are just thought of as overly sensitive/odd/different in general.
This is done by apathetic denial and brainwashing whilst those in the position of power believing their own textbook b.s. as “absolute fact.”

It viciously smothers truth, making it very difficult to get validation, help and services of any kind. It also sets up the victim of these injustices to become severely frustrated, isolative, anxious and depressed, and to go self-destruct in desperation for the alleviation of pain, as well as to escape.

Unfortunately this results in the person giving up on pursuing help and possibly looking as though their "unstable" behaviors are self-induced. Then the system can point the finger back out, possibly with a mental health label attached to it, while saying; "Aha, you see, this person is merely unstable, crazy; un-cooperative"...
It's a beastly frame and therefore, they often win. The outcome that they want is achieved, while their hands remain clean. This is what many systems have mostly become.

There are some glimmers of hope in a few professionals whom are listening to and validating their clients/patients; but the movement of progression has been slow and meager. We need to start more assertively speaking out for change.

Progress needs to pick up the pace, before more kids get hurt and grow up damaged, and so that the thousands of damaged and mislabeled generation Xs and Ys (in particular) may get a chance to heal, reclaim their lives and tell their stories

- Rose Whitson-Guedes

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