Thursday, September 25, 2014

Entry 54: An Economical Game

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Nov. 26. 2014

When we demonize the privatization of healthcare, they're not entirely wrong...but we're missing a piece of the puzzle. The socialized services, including healthcare, are also sponsored by, and therefore run by the Corporation.

The game involves a system of hierarchy if you will. Big Pharma will put out the amount of money to manufacture the cheaper drugs, with unpleasant side effects.

Nevertheless, these "grade-C" options will effectively slap a Band-Aid on symptoms in a way in which will increase demand. It's due to easy availability; and due to epidemic levels of the diagnosable-condition invested in. It's also because the condition worth the investment is affecting a profitable number of people (a majority.)

The better quality the options, the greater value of the commodity, and the higher the cost. This results in greater limitations regarding accessibility; of course another reason why the product is valued at a higher price. This all creates a “quality caste system” if you will.

The corporate game of action is designed to pit itself against itself, with one side being socialization (the poor, sell for cheap in higher numbers) and the other side being privatization (the wealthier, sell for more in fewer numbers.) 

Yes, the higher the number of customers, the more the corporations can sell for cheap. The lesser the number of customers, due to fewer people being well off, the higher the price, and the higher the quality too.

Profit goals are reached either way, by the intentional segregation of the two systems. A system of hierarchy is maintained. Disempowerment remains. Conflict remains; so competition can remain. Power is retained.

- Rose Whitson-Guedes

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