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Entry 46: I Like Stuff Too, But …

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Sept. 14. 2013

(as published in the Victoria Street Newz)

*I Like Stuff Too, But... YouTube Video:

There's nothing worse than the sight of spoilt, well-off kids, dressed down in converse, good quality 80.00 Dickies khakis, and real leather jackets; making metalhead signs, trying to look "hard core", "cool", and "roughing it." Ugh, it hurts!! It's almost more pleasant to see some Paris Hilton chick in stilettos, with a Gucci bag. That's no pretty sight either, but at least she's not hiding the fact that she's a materialistic b***, under the rouse of “down to earth.”

Dude, if you don't have the life experience psychologically to pass it and/or send anything invaluable out (due to never having been limited-funds enough to know what its' like, to truly do without) at LEAST get a sponsor child or something! It's 30.00 a month, like... how hard is it?
I bet it's only a small portion of the designer bag you bought on eBay…

It's okay to enjoy stuff. I mean; I enjoy stuff too. Mind you, I get a lot of it free or second hand. I bought some Doc Martens a few months ago. I'd wanted them for years; but more importantly, I needed a stylish pair of shoes that the occupational therapist I see sometimes actually approves of. One that would that is ok for my spine.

I have developed spondylolisthesis in my spine, as seen on x-ray, and some types of shoes (the more crappy ones, and cheap, crude high heels) can trigger attacks.

Stupid of me really, to splurge on those boots. I paid for that dearly and ended up being pretty darn tight til my next cheque. These people think nothing of dropping large amounts of money on one clothing item. I do it, and it’s a chunk out of my living expenses. It doesn’t harm their first capital. My kids still had food obviously (I'm not that stupid)... I was the one rationing. Then I got a pair of sketchers 2 weeks ago, as a birthday present to myself. I'd waited until they were 40% off.

Well those are the first two "name brand" and "quality" shoes I have ever bought for myself; ever! I have a closet full of shoes, built on years. They're all free and lucky-score comfy, or cheap and too crappy, therefore painful to wear for anything longer than a 2 hour fun-fashion-dress up reason.

With my chronic pain stuff, I was getting sick of walking around in crappy shoes; but I'm good now, I won't need any more shoes.

So yeah, I like stuff too. I love to self-express with fashion. It's art to me, but I'm like a clever garbage collector, cause it's like recycling anyways. I've also just hung onto everything I bought when I was working at clothing stores (already cheap base level) and got a good discount.

I'm not ashamed of being a "free and cheap clothes" collector. In fact, I’m proud I can make myself look really good on the cheapskate like that. Nobody realizes it!

I have no sense of this apparent hierarchy of "I bought this new and it's designer, and that's superior to you're getting that second hand/cheap/for free" I don't get that stuff, though I do need quality and comfort, which isn’t always possible of course.

I'm all for recycling clothes and accessories, more than anything. Why buy new when you can find great stuff. People get sick of clothes, some very nice pieces, and get rid of them often.  Collecting and "having" stuff is fun; but not when that "stuff" makes us forget that we have legs, and arms, and eyes, and brains...and hearts.

Shouldn't we use those things to umm "notice" that the distribution of wealth is grossly uneven? Those who CAN contribute to changing this, those who do have some extra to give out; seem totally desensitized. These things don't even occur to them!

Some of these people have the potential to be good people...and that just disheartens me to the core. Their second capital remains prioritized to chronic shopping and other gaudy- kitschy endeavors, as well as countless things they're brainwashed into thinking "they need."

Subsequently, they waste money on a regular basis, to an inflated overhead; and that's a whole other blog FYI! *Sighs*...What the-? What's wrong with this world? What an indoctrinated world we live in. Wake up.

- Rose Whitson-Guedes

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