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Entry 62: Rethinking Ways To Manage and Heal

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Feb. 2. 2014

My eyes have been opened, in a good way, since learning about the “MTHFR” gene mutation stuff.  Today I'm doing a lot of work to prep for a "cleanse" sort of thing…to the best of my ability, with what I have now. Then, when I get my next cheque, I'll make a complete shift in the way I deal with food and food prep. Gotta hang on til then. I'm selling my iPod, I need to grab a few things now, if I can.

If not, I have makeshift strategies, though not quite as good. I did just lease a new iPhone, which adds to my months' overhead, but I far prefer it to the iPod for obvious reasons.

Well, I thought I knew a lot about eating and health, but not enough, I realize. Since learning about MTHFR mutation, I've woken up. I was making some errors that were key, and I had no idea. Well, I had some vague idea but was afraid. I was procrastinating really facing it, because it's hard, and it takes work.

However, I'm more motivated now, because after reading, my gut began flashing like a light bulb. It hasn't stopped since, and I trust that. So, a big shift: no fortified foods. I also need to get really prudent about managing my reactive hypoglycemia sugar problem.

It's an intense intolerance, to the point where whether I'm actually diabetic has been in question.  I was diabetic and needed insulin, while pregnant. I haven't been quite as tight about it as I should be, and to optimize my functionality I should be. It's a challenge, but it's actually easier if I'm using only raw ingredients anyways. With the changes I want to make, I'll have much more control over the glycemic index of my foods, as I'll be making them from scratch.

So, trying to avoid things from the package, even if it says "natural." I already do some of this, but not nearly enough and making some errors. I feel I was, but didn't listen to that inner voice and criticize along with others' "you're too extreme…whatever!” but now, I know it's warranted; I know why.

This is especially true with almond/rice milks etc. I have the mutations which indicate a problem where I can't metabolize folate and b12 very well; and any synthetic vitamin, as a supplement, or in a fortified prepared and packaged food. If I’m to take vitamins, they have to come from a food source or not at all. I have some from a food source, like the ones coming from oils (vitamins A and E) and, I put some away, instead I'll turn more to foods that have them, when I can obtain and whatever raw sources I can obtain, for now.

I know and feel this for sure; because of how ill I feel if I take a synthetic multi-vitamin...and because of the statistic that 20% of everyone has this. It’s called MTHFR mutation.
Look it up, it’s everywhere. I've been so sick the past few years, how could I not be among this 20%? I'd be very surprised, if it's not the case. I felt so ill taking those prenatal in my pregnancies. Why? The folic acid I guess?

What if it was the same with my mother? She was ill throughout my childhood, with a multitude of systemic issues such as endocrine, immune and allergenic. She got sick and sicker, until Leukemia. She swallowed many "vitamins" to try and feel better...I watched her do it. I was all synthetic, all standardized. She was miserable. She was so ill. I felt it and it tainted my childhood. I felt physical pain, from how ill my mother was.

I wasn't all that full of stamina myself as a child. No way, not by a long shot. I have her genes. I can't get too worried about this, and I'm not going to run to all these back-breakingly expensive measures either. In retrospect, nor will I just say "I give up, I'll just feed myself enough to sustain, drink coffee, push to function in ways that'll backfire... because if I take too much care what's wrong won't show up, anyway, and they’ll continue to say I’m full of it" (the latter part I have to let go of.) I've played that one before too. 

That tape ends up coming to a screeching halt.

Going to either of those extreme directions, as of now, is destructive. Even the one better intended, can backfire greatly; not to mention cause a lot of stress. I can still make good, key changes and take care, more basically. 

I feel confident that there will be many  "I told you so's" in which I will eventually be uttered, in the end. I have no doubt. I try not afraid of however that'll end up and play out. I just feel that in some way or another, it will...but I don't need to suffer, and continue to spiral down, in the mean time though. They do not own my sense of empowerment; I do!

Ok, back to food, here’s the new info I learned. It’s crucial, the changes I think, will make a difference:

So, I look on my almond milk carton, sure it says "organic", but it's fortified with 50% b12 daily value. Omg! So that's why my B12 levels are always mysteriously too high, and since they have been so, I've felt like crap and developed all these chronic health issues. It was the year the b12 first showed up too high, that the symptoms begun to get intrusively worse. An MTHFR mutation must’ve awoken, and it manifested in whatever "illnesses" it did, based on my weakest links. Bingo!

My body can't break those synthetics down, they must be from food, or they’ll simply do more harm than good. I actually feel this, so the info "rings true" for me. That and the carrageenan they use to thicken those milks can really contribute to congestive inflammation, the kind in fibromyalgia and such. 

I’ve been drinking a lot of these non-dairy “healthy” milks, per day, using for smoothies especially. Geez! So then, I thought; I don't need to use it of smoothies, if I throw in overnight soaked nuts and/or seeds; actual organic almonds and even less expensive ones (from bulk) like sunflower, sesame or pumpkin seems. It can be a still-creamy alternative.

Yes, water, with nuts and the oils, my cocoa powder of course, and all my other good stuff... it'll be creamy, without the need for the "milk." I could make more rice and quinoa bowls, lots of veggies/fruits. Decent animal proteins like range eggs, canned salmon from the sea, herring, sardines from plain spring water with lemon/pepper added, range cooked meats for dinners. I have many ideas. I can reframe this. I'm going to read more on how to prepare more raw meals. I don’t need to do everything raw, but would like to do more.

As a consumer, with the power and human right to live and breathe with reasonable comfort on my planet; I shall from now on eat in a way that avoids all things in which I now know are the route of making me sick, buying only organic bulk items and range meats from smaller businesses. This also goes for not giving pre-packaged “health food” moguls so much of my money anymore, either!

I don't like going to big name places, and looking in their "organic" sections. It’s a marketing ploy. I can do to stores in which I do sometimes, for bulk items, principally now. I have a nutribullet, so I can pulverize things and mill them into flour, too. All I need is the basics in organic form; brown rice, quinoa, buckwheat, sea salt, stevia, xylitol, apple cider vinegar, non-toxic cooking oils that can be high heat point friendly (such as bulk coconut oil and bulk rice oil), dried legumes for the boys only (I can't have legumes as I can't digest them well), a variety of fruits and veggies, range eggs, all kinds of nuts (autistic people really need good fats, like; as a staple) a smaller amount (just for dinners) of fish, and range chicken and lean ground beef from the village butcher here, which is a Halal meat store and organic grade, (although not certified) so reasonably priced too. So much can be done, without spending a ton! Pardon for the cheesy rhyme. I am a nerd, after all. (Albeit a rebellious and anarchistic one.)

I think I can do this. I'm so sick of food banks and "mapping" which products are "ok" from big name stores. I don't need to, do I? 

I’ll obtain that 23andMe test as soon as possible. There's no doubt in my mind that I have MTHFR mutations..
In retrospect though, I have to accept that I may not ever be fully well (living in the global environment of today), but: I do not need to deteriorate as much as this, anymore. I feel so empowered, because I get how to do something about this now. It doesn't have to cost me any more than I'm already paying, maybe less, or the same. The only thing I'll need to do is schedule some food prep time blocks. If I take the right attitude and take my time, playing good music while I’m at work, It doesn't have to be hard.

Observe this video, to understand what I am saying about MTHFR:

(*Update: The 23andMe showed that I have 2 MTHFR mutations, as well as a few other concerning mutations such as COMT++ (which is linked to estrogen dominance problems, and even ovarian cancer etc..)  and MTRR ++ (problems with the vitamin b12 cycle, no surprise) The MTHFRs I have are both the mains ones; C677T and A1298c. They are both "heterozygous" meaning, I have only one copy of each. However, since I have both types, this can produce moderate to even severe health issues, albeit unusual ones. That makes perfect sense.)

- Rosie G.

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