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Entry 25: Life “Isn’t Fair”? Why Not?

Entry 25: Life “Isn’t Fair”? Why Not?

Nov. 13. 2012

Sayings that piss me off: “Be a do-er, not a dreamer.” I'll rephrase that: "Be a doing dreamer!" and: "life isn't fair.” Well, why not??

Life is a gift…the universe would want it to be fair. Who is making this junk up? People who want a Feudal System? People who consider themselves more deserving of gains and materials than others? People who believe that the only way to make gains and live happy, in comfort, is to push others down and take from others? Give me a break, we are meant to thrive:

Can we not all co-exist in peace and love, without insecurity that "if so and so had more than I do that means I could get less." Do we have to buy in to the belief that this is a pyramid; a competition…a race whence we all have to compete in a survival is the fittest? Come on world...there's plenty to go around, especially if reframed into fair solutions. Why is society behaving as though there is an impending famine? There isn't.

It's just that some people are taking more than their share, without regard for others. Why are so many ignoring a basic concept that we are supposed to, and obviously don't, grasp in Kindergarten:"Share"...

That’s right kids. Let’s share. Clearly, many people never did learn that one. Or what's even worse: they think they did, but didn't. May the elite, the corporates, be soon cornered into reform themselves into at least more humane practices that aren’t riddled with the word “unscrupulous.”

Why is it that when little kids behave this way, when they mistreat, take from, bully etc.…they are disciplined. They are given a consequence. They are given time out.  Maybe that’s what the corporates and the elites need: A big, fat time out.... behaving themselves more appropriately, and more ethically, upon return.

There are better ways to do business, if greed doesn’t overtake people. There are ways to be more honest, and still make livable profits. I believe it to be so; it’s all down to patterns and numbers really.
If people can rig stuff, why can’t they “un-rig” it too?

Everybody is so on and on about the bullies in the schools, but, what about the economical and systematic bullies of the world? We punish young schoolyard bullies but don't hold accountable the adult bullies, because we can't seem to identify their clever and sneaky methods, due to being bullied and blinded ourselves. Let's open our eyes, stand up for our rights in respect and love for ourselves and our fellows, and call out the "Bullies Inc.(conspicuous) Why? Because life should be fair.

- Rose Whitson-Guedes

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