Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Entry 8: Mama, Wife, Lady, Girl, Autistic …

June. 10. 2012

I get creative when I'm broke. I've soaked this package of dried Mexican chestnut lima beans that I had sitting around, as I'd been meaning to make them. Based on the description, they sound pretty good. Apparently they're not your drab and ordinary lima bean, they are much richer in flavor, and sweeter with a more starchy texture like a chestnut. Hmmm…

They're also quite big, so I’ve got the image and taste in my mind of those big yummy tomato-based baked beans that you get from the deli. I am now trying to mimic that in cooking them combining it with a little light Mexican hint…I guess like Mexican home cooking or something? I wouldn’t know for sure.

Tomato sauce and water, grape seed oil, lots of garlic, onion, chili powder, herbs (cilantro, basil, marjoram), stevia, bay leaf and black pepper, it smells really good so I'm sure it'll turn out well. I'd love to record recipes but it's just too much work for my autistic lightspeed brain, to slow down and figure out what exact amount I put of what. It's all like Google images flickering before me. It’s like Temple Grandin describes, except they're also in categories going back to the origins of spices i.e. from what continent/country/region.

I had a childhood fixation with comparing and contrasting ethnicities, particularly cuisines. Conveniently I still (because if I eat something it's either really yummy, or I won't eat it) remember much of what I read. So I'm always cautiously pondering how this and that may mix together and= Yum! Or, how this and that would= Ugh! (I almost hear the X buzz, like as in a game show, for wrong!) I'll add it's all with love too! I guess this is what happens when you mix feminine and autistic) Female interest, autistic execution. Heh heh!

- Rose Whitson-Guedes

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