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Entry 51: My Son Pearson

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Nov. 6. 2013

My son Pearson says the most interesting, darnedest things. Last night he was night waking because he said he had a dream that he turned into his "green-oh" monster character that he made up years ago.

The green oh monster is apparently a little green gremlin with horns and pointy ears that says "Ah-Ya!" in a high pitched voice, apparently...cross between Mike from monsters' Inc. and Stitch from Lilo and Stitch. Poor guy; he was super scared because he'd had a dream he had "turned into the green-oh monster."
So I let him sleep with me. He kept asking me "Mom I don't know why I dreamed of the green-oh monster so many days now, ummm can you look up on your computer-why kids' dream about turning into the green-oh monster?" with his funny little tone. Hah, he knows I'm an info-Google-er all too well, so he went straight to that notion.

Then he said, "I need to stop my imagination from growing so much it's getting too big! How do I stop my imagination from growing mom?? Can I take an organic natural medicine that is not GMO?" He always calls me a "natural mom" with the word "natural" in an italicized tone. What he means is, that I am pure and true about my beliefs as well as make a staunch effort to be conscious about the food that goes into our bodies.

Pearson has good taste in healthy food, and he's very open-minded. He's unique that way, as a lot of kids on the spectrum are quite picky. In fact, my younger son Elliot, is incredibly picky. Elliot's amazing and wonderful in his own way too, but very different to his brother. I'm like both my sons, in different ways. I remember being a bit picky, but also open-mindedly curious and liking things dense in nutrients. Pearson is even more adventurous than I was!
This kid is so amusing, I should get him doing videos, but I’m not sure if he’s ready. He always asks me, sometimes I let him but they've been for fun mostly; he has a hard time following his own script, but he's getting better and clearer as he gets older.  He is very creative and artistic, and he has a passion for building. He loves Lego, and makes his own models. So he's very logically creative. He loves to learn, but has profound differences in his learning. He's very very bright, although he has the challenged of classic autism and cannot articulate to the degree which he actually does understand.

Man is this kid ever unique, and I can't wait for the world to meet him. He wants to make a "Lego Museum" he says. His dream is to go to Lego Land. I hope my work can make it happen for him. I'm serious about being an author and selling books. I want to give Pearson and his brother so many things that they deserve, most of which I cannot as of now. It pains me greatly, so I keep working despite my own barriers.
The other day in Wal-Mart he was like "Look, it's Charmin Ultra-Soft!". He recited the whole commercial, including something about "so soft you can squeeze it." Then, he said "well can we buy Charmin Ultra Soft so I can squeeze it too (like the bear does) because that would help me be calm."  I said to him "Pearson, we don't need to buy Charmin Ultra Soft to do that, there are lots of things you can do that at home with" then he laughed in an animated way and said "Ooooh, of course; you're right mom!"
Oh Pearson, my funny little bumble...
I can't wait to be more involved in his schooling next year. He's been having a hard time in the school system, and I fear it might only get worse. He’s becoming increasingly socially frustrated with this differences in communication, and he can’t express it. He’s dealing with attentional stuff. I don’t want to put him on meds, and I can’t. We’ll take him to the herbal college.

It's been fairly agonizing, though we're finding ways to get through it. However, as I keep this blog positive, I remember what a special gift my Pearson has been to me and to the world. Pearson is incredibly unique, and I think he’ll do something big one day. If it weren't for Pearson, I would have never realized I'm autistic and been able to reclaim my own life in the process. Pearson has taught me so much. I know he's going places if he can get the right help, and I'll make sure that he does. Pearson needs me, and I'm here for him. The same goes for Elliot too, and that’s an entirely different story…he’s an entirely different kid from his brother.

- Rose Whitson-Guedes

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