Thursday, September 25, 2014

Entry 48: Words From Pictures Then Pictures From Words

Disclaimer A

Oct. 18. 2013

I need to form words from pictures and then form pictures from words...
More specifically accurate is: I need to form words from pictures, that were formed from fast moving patterns, and then form pictures from the words (that i've heard from elsewhere, or have spoken myself.)

Then, those pictures split into pixels, which form fast moving patterns up in my head, whence the cycle begins again.
FYI: Executive functioning difficulty happens when I am too tired/unwell for one reason or another, to make this translation: from patterns-to-pictures-to-words-and-then-understand-words-heard-and-then-form-pictures-which-then-become-patterns-which-are-then-numerical-code…

Yeah, the translation from alien code lingo or whatever it is, to human language, may break down when my "word machine" fuel has run out; due to social overload, life stress overload, and/or especially during fibro flare up, or complete shutdown due to any of the reasons above.

- Rose Whitson-Guedes

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