Thursday, September 25, 2014

Entry 43: Nauseating Elitism In Our Faces

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June. 29. 2013

I just came across a ridiculous news piece. Beyonce and Jay-Z bought their kid horrendously expensive, gem-encrusted high heeled shoes, obviously unnecessarily, the kids’ a baby! This is such waste of money. This kid does not need 800.00 or whatever it was, gemstone-encrusted shoes! She's not even 2 years old; she can barely walk let alone wear shoes like this. Sheesh!!

No kid really needs something like that...especially not at that price. The cost of these shoes could feed 10,000 other babies like her. What makes her so special compared to those other babies?

What makes her have more of a right to eat today (and clearly oh so much more) than another child? Because she's the daughter of Beyonce and Jay-Z, and to boot carries the ridiculous name of “Blue Ivy”?

I guess her parents think they are just so invincible, that they can give their children oddball names and it's "cool" when they're filthy rock star rich. I’ve seen much worse than Blue Ivy too, it’s actually not that bad compared to some.

At the end of the day, NOTHING makes this kid have more of a right to the things she needs, than any other baby like her. Shame on these celebrity parents who gluttonously and completely unnecessarily overspend on grossly overpriced items such as this. I mean, a good quality shoe that functions well is one thing, but this is way far fetched.

Shame on these elitist parents for not teaching their children any values; by committing actions such as this, rather than taking this badly-needed money excess money and donating it out to those who need it so desperately.

If I were them, I would at least be reasonable and say "we have enough money for these, but we don't need them, let's choose a nice quality shoe for 200.00, and let's take the remaining 600.00 from the shoe you think you needed and donate it to a charity of your choice." 

Seriously, hearing about this stuff is rather nauseating when there are zillions of people out there in desperate need of money for food, shelter, medical treatments, education, basic weather appropriate clothing etc.. and just so many more incredibly important things to invest in. Nobody’s perfect, and many of us are guilty of overspending. It’s hard when bombarded with tons of things but still, this is far-gone.

I almost think there should be laws preventing this kind of insanity...but that’s not likely to happen and maybe I’m sounding a little “Bolshevik”, ha-ha. In other words, it would be hard to implement such things without it being seen as a breach of freedom. I'm no communist, but capitalism is out of control.

Of course, the most ideal wish I have would be that society (including those feasibly able to afford such things) would one day change. With hard work from pioneers, it could one day experience a shift in awareness; enough for people to refrain from carrying out these kinds of extreme actions, and becoming more conscious of striving towards useful decisions with their money, instead.

- Rose Whitson-Guedes

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