Thursday, September 25, 2014

Entry 36: Those who oppose us are threatened by us

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May. 10. 2013

People left to suffer and die in negligence. It’s hard on the heart to think about. When money could be better distributed and more hands could be held out; if all hearts were engaged, in which they are not. It's become really not good. It's a lot to do with saving money, and the sick attitude that brings. The sick ways of the passive-aggressively corrupt, enacting structural violence, due to not being able to make admittances.

This I've written in response to an autistic boy being abused in the public school system. Stuff goes wrong here; and it's to do with lack of training, lack of staff, lack of time. It's all because of; lack of money.
It's also due to the desensitization techniques invented by those who want to stay rich and keep taking. But sshhh... we can't ever say it. In fact, forget it's real...just forget! Its' part of the indoctrination, being "deny deny deny, turn a blind eye" and this "mental virus" if you will, carries out into everything they do.

Why are aspies especially, and other highly sensitives, getting into trouble and therefore being attacked and bullied so often? It's because we're pure hearted, and especially too honest...errr no wait sorry, "socially inappropriate." We don't even mean to be; it's just that we're wired this way. We see things for what they are; and describe things blatantly.

We almost can't not be affected, in the midst of little being done, and change being so slow. Then, we react and they can use it against us. I am trying to develop a theory that'll help.  It has begun in my blog, "Reaching For The Light"...but I have to draw it out. This, of course, is why we're the most oppressed people: Those who oppose change are so very threatened by us.

- Rose Whitson-Guedes

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