Thursday, September 25, 2014

Entry 30: We're here for a reason, in the face of affliction we can stay strong.

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March. 16. 2013

I have goose bumps reading this article on hyper mobility. I think a lot of autistics are hypermobile. It goes along with dyspraxia, in fact.
The study is explaining the relationship between this, and neuro behaviors/thinking, fibro and chronic fatigue development.  These connections are overwhelmingly fascinating and curious.

I am hypermobile, and definitely dyspraxic, which has always been a struggle. However, I feel I am the way I am, and I was born this way, for a reason, as painful and debilitating as certain aspects of that can be

It's just that I seek to understand the science behind the reasons, in my particular case, and in the overall cases of many (as it seems.)...

There is no cure for this collagen/connective tissue hyper mobility; one is born this way and it causes all sorts of issues apparently. These issues are not getting raised, and are seemingly swept under the table (for the most part.) I find this unnerving.

Yes, after reading this, I do believe that hyper mobility occurs in many autistics...not all though. There are various “causes” (I did not say cures) but I think what it comes down to is that Au People are extremely hypersensitive, which could be synonymous with evolved in ways. Who knows?

We are often born with and afflicted by genetic differences that the world is not ready to handle; hence we often become sick. Hence the negative neuro affects that can develop. However; lets' take into consideration that amongst the negative neuro challenges; the brain develops very strongly in certain areas. I wonder if this could be the root of the precocious abilities or even prodigy-like “savants.”

When you have that to start with and there are some negative neuro affects due to sensitivity afflicting illness, the brain in which bears this brilliance, will find phenomenal ways to cope. Maybe this coping is the magic of autism in its strong points, at least as it presents today and now. Fascinating …

The parts of the brain that NTs' do not, or cannot, use as much (but should use) may become strong in the autistic individual. Again, maybe this is due to having a naturally clever, gifted brain in which is, paradoxically, affected in some ways. But whose to say it's negative anyway? Maybe it's only negative because it clashes with the way society and people are living and being, at this time.

The other negative is of course, because we become chronically sick due to the inevitable exposure of a variety of poisons circulating through our environment from every angle. Hopefully in the future; better accommodations will be made; the world will change and become much more "clean" rather than poisonous…and the Au person will truly thrive. I dream about this.

So, do I think we can and should cure ourselves of autism? No. I do believe, however, that that we can do our own research...dig for, and unearth the answers available to us amongst the emergence of more adequate, with-it, alternative healthcare and wellness fields.

It seems to be the only way amid a dishonest public healthcare system in which cannot be relied upon to present truthful, helpful information that'll lead to healing. Why would they when their agenda is to keep people sick in order to profit?

Also, many of us are financially challenged, currently the victims of not fitting into "employability" including and as well as falling ill with chronic health issues that prevent us from working as much as we need to and like.This, sadly, may include pursuing passions, to some degree.

We don’t often have a ton of money to go to integrative clinics and be consistently treated. However, we are smart enough to retain info nad to fluidly problem solve. Maybe we could heal on our own mostly; if we're gutsy and determined enough to walk a path of healing and optimal management. Easier said than done, but possible.

It could be very unnerving to bar ourselves from this and that, if and when necessary (franky, it often it.) Yes, it is hard to accept things like food sensitivities, but the benefits? Just think. I'm not saying we'd be cured, I'm saying if we could optimize our physical/neurological functioning we'd be in better shape to "Change the World".

In other words, to take on the immense and widespread national and global injustices that we Au people have a gift (although it may feel like a curse) for seeing. This, I feel in my heart, is what we are here for.

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