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Entry 14: Start of fall

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Entry 14: Start of fall

Sept. 6. 2012

I just realized that even though January is the official beginning of a new year, it feels more like the year starts in September. Not only does school for kids go by that calendar, but so does post secondary and all other things. Anybody agree? Anyways...

I’m super happy that my son, Pearson, told me he had a "really fun day" on his first day in Grade One. I’m sad to lose his old EA but the new one seems quite nice, I like her vibe. Met with my younger sons' Kindergarten teacher today. I'm so glad he's in her class because I special requested that he be. I knew that with his personality she'd be the best fit for him. She rocks and has great alternative, fluid views and a caring, personable, but firm approach. I like her a lot, and I can even say I’m more comfortable with her than any other teacher I know.

The weather is still nice and warm, and there’s lots of beaming sunlight. There’s a slight and impending fall breeze in the air, amid a golden september. It was such a hot month previously that it puts people in a state of relief and calm. It makes the school start easier, and seems to take off the edge.

On the flipside to pleasance, my boys are exhausting me right now. Well, they are boys, as well as being on the continuum, so with all the shiftiness of the week they've been really wild, limited listening and running my already limited energy rampant.

I’m pain and fatigue, flared up from pushing myself through this big move and now the wonky start-of-school week, all the intros, more unpacking yet still (oh yeah, we moved again)...and, a bunch of laundry to do as we just got our laundry card:/ *sigh* It all keeps getting interrupted by this and that.

Nelson has a couple days off, so he can help me do the heavy lifting required to do some more moving around. I shall stubbornly attempt to nail pictures into the wall and such. I just want my physical environment to be sound, for my head! If anyone thinks I'm complaining try being in my body for a day, living with AS and fibro, trying to juggle so many things.

I've actually grown to hate the word “fibromyalgia” so; I don’t know why I'm even typing it. Ugh. However, I am still grateful to be here, and looking forward to things settling down, so that I can get back to passions dear and a soothing schedule. I know they will soon…

- Rose Whitson-Guedes

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